I'm currently working at my agency - Fragment. Check us out on our website or contact me at hello@bernatbombi.com

Bernat Bombí

Freelance programmer based in Barcelona

Bernat Bombí

I’m Bernat Bombí, a 26yo programmer from Barcelona, and I help companies find their place through technology.

From my experience, I’ve learned the importance of design and programming working together, having the user experience as the main goal. I’ve also learned how important is to understand the client if you want to expect a good outcome from a project.

Since I graduated in 2011 in Multimedia (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) I’ve worked in several jobs and various industries. In 2012 I created my own company, Crowd Studio, a digital studio, with two partners. A while ago I decided to leave and I devoted myself to other fields and projects in order to keep growing professionally.

In 2016 I decided to start my own advertising agency, Fragment. We are a digital agency that understands technology as the way to meet our clients’ needs. Our disciplines include analysis, strategy, creativity, content creation and execution. The vision that we have of the present communicative reality makes us work with traditional media formats applied to a digital scenario.

The main technologies I use in my projects are:

  • PHP (Symfony2, OOP, Wordpress, Web Services, Rest API, oAuth, ...)
  • Swift (iOS)
  • Objective-C (iOS, Mac OS)
  • Javascipt (AngularJS, Backbone, jQuery, ...)
  • HTML5, LESS, CSS (Responsive websites)